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The Canadian Energy and Climate Nexus / Le Lien Canadien de L’Energie et du Climat, is a non-governmental, non-profit organization that exists to guide Canadians to effectively develop all-inclusive energy systems in balance with climate change constraints through collaborative problem-solving, collective commitment and bold action. We will effect real change and provide a clear pathway to capitalize on Canada’s unique energy system advantages and secure our future both now and for generations to come.

Our Why

We believe that a climate-friendly energy system is possible and essential.

Our Mission

To actively participate in collaborative problem solving that tackles the various and complex issues affecting energy and climate in Canada.

Our Vision

Balanced solutions to Canada’s energy and climate challenges.

Who We Are

About CECN

The Canadian Energy and Climate Nexus/Le Lien Canadienne de L’Energie et Climat is a non-governmental, non-profit organization that exists to guide all Canadians toward the effective development of all-inclusive energy systems, balanced with climate change constraints. We believe in collaborative problem-solving, collective commitment, and bold action, effecting real change and providing a clear pathway to capitalize on Canada’s unique energy system advantages, while securing our future for the generations to come.

Headed by a board that represents science and business alike, CECN was founded to unify and guide the various Canadian entities working on the complexities surrounding energy and climate challenges, via all-inclusive projects that promote action. Additionally, CECN strives to help bring clarity to the policies of Canada’s energy industry, combat polarization, and collectively inspire a nation of differing viewpoints, heritages, and interests to overcome the challenges that stand in the way of Canada being a world leader on energy and climate. Built on a foundation of pride in our country’s energy achievements, CECN operates with the awareness that real success entails the consistent pursuit of improvement. We are here to share our expertise and capabilities with a world in need of the benefits of Canadian energy and climate change leadership.

Board of Directors
Board of Directors

Submit a Project

The CECN aims to provide a platform that is all-inclusive for projects that no one singular entity can execute on their own.  We review high-complexity projects that are instrumental to Canadian leadership in areas of energy and climate. How to Submit: Web form: Review the Project Submission Form and submit online below with all sections […]
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Canada West Foundation

Project Title: ESG and Corporate Purpose in the Canadian Energy Sector Project Objective: Even before the world was disrupted by COVID-19 and current events began calling for a greater focus on social justice, the corporate world was already at an inflection point with respect to its role in society, facing louder and more widespread calls […]
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University of Alberta

Project Title: A toolkit For Analyzing Online Conversations for Solutions Based Policy Development Project Objective: The primary objective of the research is twofold, first to gain an understanding of the vocabularies, speakers, interlinking of conversations, and associated topics/themes related to energy and climate change by geography in Canada, and secondly to ascertain what can draw […]
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Mâwandônan Consulting

Project Objective: To determine the extent that Indigenous peoples in Canada agree/disagree over Canada’s energy future in the age of climate change and ascertain areas where polarization may exist and what variables drive that polarization. Methodology: Clayton Desjarlais of Mâwandônan Consulting has been contracted by The Canadian Energy and Climate Nexus (CECN) to be the […]
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News & Events

CECN Virtual Event: “Energy & Climate: West Coast Edition”

The Canadian Energy and Climate Nexus (CECN) is proud to present the virtual event: Energy & Climate:
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Project Platform Release: “A Toolkit for Analyzing Online Conversations for Solutions-based Policy Development”

About the project: Social media platforms are public venues where conversations about issues of public
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Report Release: Canada’s Hydrogen Future- Risks and Rewards

Research in the recent Canada’s hydrogen future — risks and rewards report by EY Canada, in collaboration
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Report Release: ESG and the Canadian Energy Sector

Over the past five years, the rise of Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) reporting has been meteoric.
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The World’s Largest Energy Sources

Every day, humans consume roughly 63,300,000 megawatt-hours (MWh) of electricity to power our homes,
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The State of Energy in Quebec

The State of Energy in Quebec provides the most objective overview of Quebec’s energy data to help all
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Energy Fact Book 2019-2020

The purpose of the Energy Fact Book is to provide key information on energy markets in Canada in a format
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Contact Us

We encourage open communication, both within our organization and with the public. We encourage all visitors to contact us with further questions, comments, or concerns that they may have regarding Canadian energy systems and climate initiatives. We attempt to read and respond to all correspondence; please allow 1-2 business days for a response.
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