The CECN promotes inclusive and complex projects involving multiple stakeholders, a clear path to action on issues in energy and climate, and an aim to address polarizing narratives.

Kirk Morrison

Project Title: Canada in Transition: An Evaluation of the Business Case for the Energy Re-Mix


Project Title: ESG and Corporate Purpose in the Canadian Energy Sector 

Project Objective: Even before the world was disrupted by COVID-19 and current events began calling for a greater focus on social justice, the corporate world was already at an inflection point with respect to its role in society, facing louder and more widespread calls […]


Project Title: A toolkit For Analyzing Online Conversations for Solutions Based Policy Development 

Project Objective: The primary objective of the research is twofold, first to gain an understanding of the vocabularies, speakers, interlinking of conversations, and associated topics/themes related to energy and climate change by geography in Canada, and secondly to ascertain what can draw […]


Project Objective: To determine the extent that Indigenous peoples in Canada agree/disagree over Canada’s energy future in the age of climate change and ascertain areas where polarization may exist and what variables drive that polarization. 

Methodology: Clayton Desjarlais of Mâwandônan Consulting has been contracted by The Canadian Energy and Climate Nexus (CECN) to be the […]