The CECN promotes inclusive and complex projects involving multiple stakeholders, a clear path to action on issues in energy and climate, and an aim to address polarizing narratives.

We will effect real change and provide a clear pathway to capitalize on Canada’s unique energy system advantages, while securing our future both now and for generations to come.


The CECN welcomes collaborative conversations to take project ideas to the next level. We use a balanced scorecard to review potential projects, while recognizing that projects vary significantly in objectives, scale and complexity. 

The following questions form the heart of this scorecard:

  1. What is the project’s level of complexity? Are other organizations or industry sectors unable to successfully execute the project on their own? 
  2. Does the project have a clearly defined pathway for funding?
  3. Does the project have clearly identified plans to action on issues involving energy and climate?
  4. Does the project aim to address polarizing narratives, regional biases, or demographic inequities? 
  5. Does the project promote inclusivity?


All projects will first be reviewed on their individual merit and alignment with the CECN’s organizational values. Additionally, all projects will be evaluated based on the ability of the CECN to effectively provide the required administrative support, address whether or not additional collaborative partners should be involved, and conclude if the proper project governance can be achieved. 

Please contact us if you have any questions and require additional information.


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