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The CECN aims to provide a platform that is all-inclusive for projects that no one singular entity can execute on their own.  We review high-complexity projects that are instrumental to Canadian leadership in areas of energy and climate.

How to Submit:

  • Web form: Review the Project Submission Form and submit online below with all sections completed in the form or as attachments.




Project Submission Form

  • Please list any project partners or collaborators.
  • Provide a brief overview of the project activities and expected outcomes.
  • CECN promotes our core values of Inclusivity, Action, and Knowledge in the project intake process. Does the proposed project clearly aim to promote collaboration and mutual benefits for Canadians? Does the project clearly promote bold action? Does the project aim to use strong, clear data and fact-based knowledge to approach energy and climate issues?
  • Please describe how the proposed project would promote these values, addressing each one individually.
  • Does the project integrate more than one stakeholder group? Will the expected project outcome positively impact multiple industries or groups? Please check all groups that apply.
  • Please provide an overview of the expected contributions, impact, and involvement of each stakeholder group.
  • Does the project have a level of complexity to which other organizations are unable to successfully execute the project on their own?
  • Please describe the impetus for CECN facilitation.
  • Is funding for the project fully secured?
  • Please describe the project's funding mechanisms. Identify any budget constraints and outline possible solutions.
  • Please outline the intended duration of the project, initiation date, and any key milestones or constraints.
  • Does the project have adequate oversight and administration for successful execution? Please provide a brief outline of the project roles and responsibilities.
  • Please use this space to note any relevant project information that would be useful to CECN in review of this submission.
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